Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update of the Old House

My nieces and nephew say that they will always think of this as our 'home'.  We did live here for 18 years. We have done a lot of work here and it no longer looks the same.  It is a 108 year old farmhouse that has received a serious update.  Many of the things that I really wanted done while we lived there are now completed. It is now all emptied out except for my DH's office.  

Living room
The living room walls are all painted a light plum brown color.

The dining room walls are now a different shade of tan, more yellowish and all the trim is white instead of linen.

The kitchen is still a work in progress.  Everything has been ripped out.  The refrigerator is just sitting there to hold the workmen's lunches.  We have bought all new appliances and cupboards which should be installed in the next couple weeks.

This used to be our pantry.  I stole the one door and moved it to the new house as it had all the children's heights recorded on it through the years.  A piece of family memorabilia.

The railing is no longer all white with a natural wood handrail.  This is a little stark to me.  NOTE:  Our painter selected all the paint colors without any input from us.  He is a funny fellow!  It is a long story on how this ended up happening.  Fortunately I don't really care because I have moved on and love the farmhouse we live in now.

Here is the basement.  It looks really nice!  The paint color looks great with the wallpaper we had put up.

This is the one thing I strongly dislike in the house!  This was my office before and now it is painted a really funky green color.  It is way greener than it shows up in this picture.  I bet whoever buys it, has this room repainted first thing!   I would if I bought it.  Green is my favorite color, but this is an obnoxious shade!

This was our former library.  We took out all the bookshelves and now it looks almost like a master bedroom without a bath.  It is bright and airy.  Not sure what the new owner would use it for family room or bedroom.

This is what was the boy's room.  The girl's room was redone the same way. They have all new carpet, the wallpaper is gone and the walls are painted a light cream color.

This room has undergone some dramatic change!  This was the kid's bathroom.  Now it looks very nice and sophisticated.  The permanently mildewed tub surround is gone.  The cheesy linoleum has been torn out and there is a nice ceiling in place, instead of a missing suspended ceiling.  Now it has lovely tile on the floor and wall.  I like it.

The green is gone from our old bedroom.

Here is the other end of the bedroom.  Our master bath is pretty much unchanged.

Another area that finally got redone was the area outside the storage area.  The big wall mirror up above is gone as is the green carpeting off the ceiling angles (don't ask!).  The paneling is gone and it looks really nice!

The former guest room is now a pewter color instead of pink.  The book shelves were left here.  They look nice.

Here is the other side of the third floor.  All the storage area doorways are now sliding instead of lifting.  The cherry floors my DH installed a couple years ago look great.  We still have some work to do on the yard and the garages need cleaning out.  Things are moving along and hopefully it will be ready to sell in a month or two.


  1. Good job! Do you have any "before" pictures?

  2. I haven't posted on that exactly, but most of the posts before October of this year that show family events are in this house. We did a lot of work while we lived there, but it was mostly replacing windows and doors, etc. It took a lot of work to cover the abuse of 18 years of living with 6 kids. THe kitchen needed replacing when we bought it. It was in serious need of upgrade.