Thursday, January 16, 2014

CCS Rolls Again

CCS played Firelands on Tuesday evening. It was a good game for them!

My DH took over as the back up scorekeeper.  The regular scorekeeper had to leave early to go to a funeral.

The boys were really excited to play after having the last three games cancelled!

It was new experience for our team.  They dominated the opposition!  The other team was young and had not played much basketball.  We ran out to a quick lead and then instituted rules for our own team.   The best players were only allowed to shoot outside the paint.  The starters sat down  and the fifth graders got playing time for the first time all year.

T-Bob had a good game.  He actually stole the ball and went and made the lay up.  That was the first time did it successfully in a game.  His dribbling is improving.  He played post for the first time.

Micah's broken little finger.  OUCH!

The bummer for this game was that Micah broke his pinky on his left hand.  It was in the fourth quarter.  He will be out for the rest of the season and they are still determining if it will need surgery.  Poor Micah.  He is one tough guy.  He didn't cry or fuss, he just took himself quietly out of the game.

The team worked on their plays and they were very kind to the other team.  Letting the younger kids take unobstructed shots.  They showed excellent sportsmanship and didn't run the score up.  The final score was 31-13.

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