Friday, October 4, 2013

Autumn is Late

One thing about having a farm, you notice the world outside the house a lot more.  Nature is not just something to be observed from a car or a window, or to be merely checked on at the computer.   You go outside and live in it!  One thing that is interesting this year is that autumn is late.

 Most years the trees are changing color in the beginning or middle of September.  This year they are only really starting to show color now, in October.  We had a mild summer, (not too hot with good rain) and even now the weather is warm (upper 70's or around 25 celsius).  This is perfect for us as we try and get our farm set up for next spring.  If it was our usual cold fall, it would be much more challenging.

Last week we saw this big garter snake. This snake was several feet long (almost a meter). Although I don't 'love' snakes, I don't mind them and can appreciate their beauty. They are useful to have around.  They eat bugs, earthworms and frogs.

We must have a pair as we have lots and lots of little snakes around.  Did you know that garter snakes give birth to live young?  They are not poisonous.  But whenever you handle a reptile, you should make sure to wash your hands well afterwards.

We have a lawn machine!  We will now be able to cut our own grass.  Paul found it on Craigslist.  A commercial mower that was only used  residentially.  It has a 61" (155 cm) deck so hopefully it won't take too long to cut our very big yard! Saturday we are going to cut our own grass  for the first time.

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