Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I love being at the farm.  It is so calm and peaceful.... It just draws you outdoors and makes you want to stay there.  We all love it!!

But this week has been spent indoors.  Getting the house ready to move into.  We want to move in the beginning of November.  We plan to have the family Thanksgiving dinner here.

The paint looks a little splotchy in the pictures as they are still wet.

So far this week, Paul and I spent our days here painting.  We finished trimming up the girls room and we painted the boys room, including the closet.  Now they just need to clean up all the junk in the middle of their floor and they can start moving in.

Today's big project was getting the family room painted.  In real life the walls are much lighter in color than they look here.  We got 2 coats on everything, except the final cutting in.  I am really looking forward to having these rooms totally done so we can start moving things in and making it home-like.  It will be nice to have a place to sit and rest between jobs!

We are in a hurry to get this painting done before the floor guy comes this weekend.  That way any stray drops will be sanded off in the final sanding.  After he puts the topcoat on we will have to stay off the floor for several days to let it harden.  The countertops will be installed on Tuesday afternoon.  We are getting really close to start moving!  I am getting excited!!  The office is coming along also.  Most of the walls have their second coat and the trim has been painted.  I still need to pick out flooring.  My DH can install that pretty quickly.

The outside projects are small.  We have mulching and building beds for spring planting on the list.  The barn must be organized and the garage.  Need to put a drain tile in the back part of the barn.  Paul has his mower working so we are good there.  Now to sit back and plan for spring.  There will be lots of fence building and planting and other things then to keep us busy.  So much fun on the farm!

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