Monday, October 14, 2013

Farm Update 10/14

We have been working diligently on getting things done at the farm so that we can move in as soon as possible!  It is work that doesn't show as much, like skim coating walls and sanding.  So here is our latest project update...

The dining room and kitchen walls were painted today.  It is a shade lighter than the walls in the dining room at our old house.  It is a warm color and not dark.  We will be putting up a small crown molding along the wall.

It looks good with the wood in the cabinets.  I think it will be OK with the floors in the dining room and living room.  The floor finishing project has once more been pushed back until NEXT weekend.  It is better to get the painting done before you finish the floors.

I think we will paint the family room the same color.  That will make it feel more unified and open.

 My DH got the back on the peninsula cabinets and the supports in for the counter top.  It will have a 12" overhang so the supports are needed.  The dishwasher will go in on the other side of the peninsula in the middle.  There will be a sink on the kitchen side on the end.  The granite counters should be ready either the next week or the beginning of the following week.

Another project that we would like to get done is to take this big tree down.  It has already had one big branch come off during a storm and knocked the chimney down and came into the house.  No need to have a repeat on that.  The roots are also pushing against the foundation and pushing up the basement floor.  That's not good either.

We keep learning more about our property from the neighbors.  Apparently, we have a cistern right behind the house.  We will have to check into that.  The wet spot in the back is a spring, not a well. We had kinda figured that, since the water is lying on top of the ground.  It is so nice being on the farm.  

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