Monday, October 28, 2013

Daughters of Destiny 2013

This past week I have not been blogging, because I was away where I did not have access to internet.  I was off on a mountain top in North Carolina ( NOT Tennessee).  I was at Mountain Top Youth Camp.  Below is the view from the lodge.

The camp program is for Christian homeschooled teenage girls.  They are an amazing bunch of gals!

We had a great time studying the Bible and learning many different practical skills.  Sarah and Grace Mally, of Bright Lights fame were the Bible Teachers.  I taught a class on using herbs.

There was a class on hair styling, braiding and cutting,

The videography class got pretty serious, even using this big boom to get the right shots.

This was JoAn's cabin.  She was a counsellor, and helped me teach my herb class as well as teaching a class on Bible Study Methods.

There was a class on making Bobbin Lace.

There was a class on Embroidery,

and weaving.

Elizabeth took this picture when she borrowed my camera.  I really like it!

Elizabeth and Libby at the banquet.
 One of the highlights of the week is the friday night banquet.  The food is always super yummy! and it is fun to relax together after getting to know each other all week.  It is the final big event of the week.

These are my girls.  Everyone gets all dressed up and tries to find someone to do their hair up all spiffy!

The girls take pictures a lot of pictures as they want to remember their new and old friends.

For the last evening, the speaker did a chalk drawing reinforcing the weeks lessons.

The very last thing that happens is that the scores are announced for the cabin contest.  Points are given for cabin clean-up as well as for memorizing the daily and extra credit Bible verses. Eight girls memorized all 51 Bible Verses. Michelle's cabin won first place.  They had a party together.  All the cabin's stayed up late and had fun.  I went to bed at 1 AM and most of the cabin lights were still on.  A lot of girls slept most of the way home!  They took many happy memories home with them.  They learned a lot that hopefully, they will apply to their lives.

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