Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farm/ Moving Update 10/30

My DH at the farm
We are busy packing.  We plan on moving on Friday and Saturday.  Don't have a lot of time for writing blog posts.

We are spending a lot of our evenings at the farm getting the final details ready so we are able to move in.  There are a lot of little details.  Back at the house we are also working hard.  Paul has the front yard all empty of vegetable beds.  No more vegetable gardens in the front yard.

Paul has been such a blessing to our family in this move.  He has worked hard, without complaining.  He has put in many long hours to get the farm ready for us as well as working on the house.  He has been diligently selling off the firewood from the old house.  We won't need it anymore as we heat with gas.  We had about 7-8 cords sitting around in the back yard.  He has been my right hand in getting everything done!

Elizabeth doing the 'wild child' look.

We still have LOTS to pack up!  We are still discarding as we go along.  No sense moving stuff we don't want or need.  But the books... They are needed and so heavy.  Some are being sorted and discarded, but there are still thousands left.  Definitely need more boxes.  I want to be all settled in by Thanksgiving!

Here is what we see as we drive back and forth from the house to the farm.  Autumn and her glory is finally and truly here.

The soybeans were harvested yesterday.  Hip hip hooray!  Now it feels like it is really our property.

There may be a few gaps in my postings as I am rather busy.  Also we are still trying to figure out our internet provider for the farm.  Thanks for following our journey!

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