Sunday, October 27, 2013

Farm Update- 10/27

This past week I was down on North Carolina at a Camp.  I will tell you all about that very soon.  Today I went over to the farm to see what had been done while I was gone.  It looks so nice!!!

The counter tops are done in the kitchen.  I really like how they turned out.  They match the cabinets very well.

We are still missing the faucet for the peninsula sink.  This pretty close to how it really looks.  The granite was called Ivory fantasy, but this particular piece is a little darker than ivory....

Here's how we fit the counter around the stove.  This week my DH is going to build a wall behind the stove.  Eventually we will redecorate the eating area, but it can wait until later after we move in.

The living room and dining room floors look amazing.  For being almost 100 years old, they  are in great shape!

This was the view today from the family room into the kitchen.  We have protective paper down for now, until we move in.  This will give the finish time to set up and protect it while everybody is carrying things in from outside.

This is a better picture of the floor and gives a truer sense of the finish.

We had a different fella finish the floors in the bedrooms.  He used different finishing technic and it looks different.  They are very shiny while the downstairs are more of a matte finish.

The soybeans have still not been harvested.  I hope the farmer gets to it soon.  For those who wondered, this is what soybeans look like when ripe and ready to be picked.

The leaves are starting to turn color.  This is such a late year for that.  It is like a month late.  There were actually snow showers this past week already, although nothing stuck to the ground.  There were ducks on the pond this afternoon when we arrived.  They flew away before I got close enough to photograph them.   

We are planning to move in on Saturday.  It will be a busy week with lots of packing.

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