Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving and Life with the Mangos

Our family is not early risers.  In order to get the children started early on a day with much packing, I told them they could have waffles if they were up by 8 AM.  This was a challenge to them.  5 of the 6  got there on time.  Poor Thomas, missed out.

T-Bob got busy and made some peach sauce from some frozen peaches we had.  It was yummy!

They worked together and

ended up with this yummy morsel.  Yes, they are gluten free and as good as any normal waffle.

 Thomas is growing quickly and prefers his sleep.

We also cleaned out the garden and found a lot of eggplant and basil left, that we didn't want to go to waste.

We made pesto from the basil, which is one of our favorite foods.

I have been substituting pumpkin seeds for the pine nuts or other nuts, primarily for financial reasons.  It tastes really good too.  One uses olive oil, fresh garlic and sea salt.

We even  had enough to freeze!  Yeah!!

We packed boxes the entire day!!!  My friend Kathy came over and worked with us for 6 hours, helping us pack boxes.  We still have way too much left to pack.  There is no end to our book collection!  The bedrooms are getting emptier and should be OK.  The china is packed and some other kitchen items are packed.  We are hoping to be down to mostly furniture come Saturday.  We have managed to put enough food in the freezer that we should only have limited meal preparation for the next 5 days or so.

There is much taping

and labeling of boxes.

Tonight our Boss friends came over after prayer meeting with their two large vehicles, and my DH took our big beast van and we loaded up most of the stuff we had packed the last couple days.  Things are coming along.  My DH still has 2 garage-fulls  of stuff, and his office and other hidey holes to pack, but he is planning to do it in stages, since he will have to come up this way to work anyways.  He has been super diligent on getting the house ready for us to move into.  We are blessed with many friends to help us.

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