Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thankfulness for Friends

We have been so busy lately that blog writing slipped a bit on the priority list.  My DH was out of town last week and Friday was spent in Amish country.  As I looked through the blog I realized how blessed we have been to have many friends come alongside us and help.  That has really sped our project along!!  It has  kept things from getting bogged down and has kept us from being overwhelmed.                                                      

My Sister-in-Law, Mary, came up for a week and just pitched in.  She helped with food preparation and working at the farm.  She is a very willing worker and we love having her around.

My friend Chrissi came up and brought ten of her eleven kids up to help get the house and shop ready to paint.

 They ALL pitched in and worked hard.  Down to the little ones.  I sure appreciated all of their help.

 The guys chipped tiles off the wall and helped get the walls built in the office.

My brother has been a big help in many facets of our move.  Not only did he help us find the property and encouraged us to buy it, he has helped as a 'technical consultant' on what trees to cut down, why a cat would be drooling, what to use to get rid of yellow jacket nests, etc.  He also has mowed our grass and is happy to let us use his horse trailer when we have lots of things to move.  He has been a peach!

These three guys came up from Amish country to help us with lumbering and digging holes for fruit tress.  They also pitched in with the shop.  Thank-you!

I don't have a picture of Jason the floor guy.  He has been helping sand and will do the finishing on the floors.  He does a great job!

My nephew Daniel came over to help us plant all our fruit trees.  He has worked for a landscaper when he was younger.  He and Paul had a great day working together.  I really appreciated his help and getting to spend time with him.

This is our friend Tom.  He wanted to come over and prep the walls and paint the ceilings.  Today he is painting the dining room and kitchen.  This has been a big help.  It really got us over the hump and will leave us with only a little painting, which we can handle.

 Our friend Pal also worked on getting the walls prepped for painting.  He did the family room walls and the bedroom walls.  He is also going to do the floors on the second floor this week.

Our friend Steve brought his son,Michael  along and helped my DH set the cabinets and do hang drywall in the kitchen.

We have been so blessed to have so many friends to help us on our big project.  We are still hoping to move in, the beginning of November.  Thanks!!

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