Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, Farm Update

Today was spent working at the farm.  Things are moving along. Here is what was accomplished today...

We had dug up a bunch of irises and bulbs from our sundry gardens in the front yard before returning them to being a boring grass yard.  We transplanted them to the south side of the barn.  They will get good sun there and be happy.  Working there did let me realize that we REALLy need to replace a bunch of the battens on the barn siding.

Our friend Tom got my office painted.  We went with 'Comfortable green' .  I think it looks nice.  He also got the ceilings all done.  Now for the trim and doors...

One of my projects today was to scrape the boards on the porch and repaint them.  I was cruising along until...

a bunch of yellow jackets got unhappy with me.  They are making their home in the post at the bottom of this board.  Not even sure if there's room for much of a nest in there, but that's where they are entering and exiting.

Tom was working hard on the kitchen ceiling when we left.

 He had finished the drywall and had sanded it and was just beginning to paint it.

The pond has really filled back up after all the rain on Saturday.  It is at least a foot higher.  It looks a lot bigger!

The sky was so blue today.  It was really beautiful.  The high temp was about 70 (that's 21 degrees C).  You can see the late autumn as many trees still are very green.

The soy is almost all dried and is ready to be harvested any time.  I will be glad to see it go.  We are having such a beautiful fall.  I love this cooler weather!  Every day is a blessing, especially on the farm.

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