Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farm Update - moving along

There has not been too much to update at the farm.  But here's what's happening...

The trees we planted seem to be surviving.  The deer have left them alone, so far.  Two of the raspberry brambles are toasted.  One just died on it's own and the other is broken off.  I am also not sure that my honeyberry bushes are going to make it.  They look a little sad.

 Our friend, Tom, has come along side to spend three days getting the walls prepped for painting and then painting the ceilings in what time he has left.  He is concentrating on the office, kitchen and skim coating the dining room.

Here is what the office walls look like now.  We have picked a paint color.  That's progress.

During the storm on Saturday, a good size, but rotted, branch came out of the tree and was across the driveway.  I got it picked up as well as a number of smaller branches.

Today, the gentleman from the countertop people, came out and made the template for our new counters.  I hope we made the right decisions.  We will have a breakfast bar at the peninsula.  We need some extra counter space there at the 40" height so that my tall gals will have a comfortable place to work.  The dishwasher will go between the cabinets.  We are putting a nice sized sink in the end cabinet.  I am really happy with how it is turning out.

The drywall is getting done.  I like the can lights.  My DH put them in over all the work surfaces.

The last picture I took of this wall showed only studs.  Now it is getting done.  I will select a paint color after the granite is in.

The panelling is getting a skim coat so that it will look good when painted.  We are leaving the wainscoting natural.  The floor in the living room and dining room is all sanded.  Now it only needs a top coat of finish.

I know that the work getting done now isn't really dramatic, but it is so necessary to do well so that the final stages look great.  

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