Thursday, October 3, 2013

Planting Fruit Trees... A Farm Update

One of my projects this fall was to get some fruit trees planted.  Fall is a great time to do that.  I have been shopping around a bit and finally decided that Home Depot had the best price for  a decent quality tree.  I was very excited when I checked out to find that the trees were on sale even further.  I sent the boys to go get me a couple more trees.  I also got a couple lavender plants as well.

Here are the trees.  We got them loaded in the van sideways as well as a couple lying down in the trailer.

The first job was to get the blueberry bushes we had transplanted from home into the ground.  One of the gardening tips I received when I was asking for help, was to put the blueberry bushes on the south side of pine trees as the pines make the soil acidic which the blueberries love.  I will let you know how that works out.

Then the tree planting began.  Paul and I had watched several videos on the 'correct' way to plant a tree.  The problem with watching several is that they don't always agree with one another.  My  guys took the trailer out to the woods and brought up good dirt to fill around the trees.  We put bone meal (a small amount) and some liquid kelp in each hole.  Some guy on a video with an adorable Aussie accent said that that was the way to stimulate root growth.  Time will tell.  You can always trust men with cute accents, right?  They sound so knowledgeable.

Paul was checking to make sure that all the trees were planted in a straight line.  That is one thing that we have noticed out here where we live.  NO ONE randomly plants trees.  They ALWAYS plant them in rows, whether it is along the road or just on their property.  This is not something that is necessary for a wind break, or some other purpose, that is just how they do it.  We don't want to be responsible for ruining the neighborhood, so our trees are going in, in straight rows also!

Our trees are planted a good distance from the house so we don't currently have a hose to get to them.  We are farmers now, so we use the old bucket in a wagon method.  It is a good way to build upper body strength.  We now have lots of things to water.  We would really appreciate a good rain!

It is really nice to have strong young men around to help with the hard work.  They did a great job with zero complaining!  

When everything was planted we finished up by giving everything we had planted one more big drink of water.

Paul watered the blueberry bushes.

Daniel did the raspberries.

When the work was finished they took the .22 out and waved it at some squirrels.  It was nice to see the guys enjoying some quality cousin time. It was good to see Daniel again and hear the adventures of a big game hunter just back from his african safari.  It was another wonderful day!

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