Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big Progress.. Cabinets and Painting

Yesterday was a really  busy day out at the farm.  A lot was accomplished.  Just look below...

Thomas worked hard at getting his walls ready to prime and paint.

Michelle started painting the girls' room.  

Some friends came up to help with the doings.  Michael and his Dad helped with the carpentry

His sister Olivia worked on painting in the girls' room.

The cabinets went up.

The drywall in my office was finished and is looking well.

Paul worked at getting the mower working up to his standards.

The girls got the room all painted.

Thomas got the walls in his room primed.

The cabinets were all installed.  I think they look so nice.  We are going to go pick out the counter tops today.

Paul worked in the kitchen too.

The stove was set up in it's new place.  The guys got it hooked up and running before they left.

 The peninsula was laid out.  The sinks are bought and ready to install once the counter tops are ready.  The kitchen will be ready to use when we are ready to move in.  Way to go Sweetheart!!

The farm is coming along!

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