Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moving Day!

Moving Day finally arrived!  It was a cool drizzly day, but there wasn't any serious rain while loading or unloading.  A friend was able to borrow a 17' box truck from work.  That was real handy.  It is so beautiful this time of year.  The leaves are turning and are at their peak.

T-Bob has carried many heavy boxes this week.  He is developing lots of muscles!  He starts basketball practice next week.

Of course, You gotta use a horse trailer if you are moving to an old horse farm!  We loaded it with furniture and boxes of stuff - no critters.

My brother backed his truck under it in one shot and we didn't have to move the hitch arrangement.  I was very impressed!  Excellent spatial awareness.  We appreciated his help in providing the trailer and moving it for us.

My friend Kathy came over and helped us pack up the kitchen and cleared up the breakfast dishes.  She also came out to the farm and helped me set up the kitchen.  She is a good friend!

Alayna and her friend Anna came over and helped pack up my herb and supplement inventory.  It was amazing how much harder the boys worked and what muscle flexing was required when these beautiful young ladies showed up.

See what I mean....

So many books to pack up.  I was grateful for all the helpers.

I had lots of bottled of inventory to be boxed.  It kept lots of people busy.  Mr. D and Elizabeth worked on it too.  Had to pack it carefully so nothing was broken.  Glass bottles are fragile.

The Boss suddenly started packing in a big way.  Anything and everything went into boxes.  He will process it later.  He has been busy working at the farm to get it ready for us to move into!  HE is a hard working man!!!

Here are some other hard working men who packed up and carried boxes for us.

Here the elder men are engineering how to keep the freezer balanced and in place.  For some reason we didn't have straps for inside the truck.

At the end of the day the guys were all worn out from carrying so many boxes up to the third floor attic.  They just wanted to sit and relax.  We got everything moved that we had packed.  There is still some books to box and some cleaning to be done, but we are definitely on the home stretch.  Then we will start to fix up and paint the old house so we can get ready to sell it.  Still a lot of work to be done.

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