Monday, November 4, 2013

Breakfast at the Farm

One of the things I really like about our farmhouse is the lovely amount of windows.  The view is so nice.  One of the kids said this morning, "It feels like we are on vacation when we are here." I took this picture this morning from the eating area window in the kitchen.

The trees are so colorful and you can just see the pond.  You may pity the poor children  who get to rake all those leaves.  It was cold last night.  It got down to 31 F or 0 C.  This is the first frost of the year.

JoAn and the other children enjoyed a breakfast of fresh farm eggs.  Can't wait until we have our own chickens out here.  Hopefully, that will happen this week.

On my to do list this week...
1. Get school started.  (The children have been doing some work independently)
2. Get the bookshelves set up and the boxes of books emptied.
3. Get the internet set up ( Some of the children think this should be #1 on the list)
4. Get all the boxes out of our bedroom, and the living room and family room.
5. Start seeing patients in my new office (Monday they will have to put up with a cement floor, the flooring hopefully will be put in this week)
6. Get all the food set up and organized so we can start cooking with ease.  We have enough freezer meals for a few more days.  If all fails we can always eat steak.  haha.
7.  Get the chickens moved.  (This involves fixing up a stall for them and a place outdoors, so they don't get eaten by wild critters)
8.  Enjoy the scenery and thank the Lord for his provision!

I will try and still get some blog posts written when visiting the old house so that they show up close to daily, until the internet gets set up at the farm.  Be patient, Joshua!

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