Thursday, November 7, 2013

We Miss Katrina

Last month my dear niece, Katrina, had a birthday!  With all our moving issues I didn't get a chance to help her celebrate.  So here a few weeks later is my post in honor of Katrina!

Katrina ALWAYS is quick to smile and giggle.

Katrina and Ian enjoying ice cream.

She has a real heart for her younger cousins.  She has been a good friend to Elizabeth through the years.

She is a princess in her spare time!

This picture was taken just before they left for the Philippines the first time.

She has also been a real good friend to our son T-Bob!  You rarely find one without the other when they are in the same town.

They have been blessed to grow up together.  They are really good buds!

This past year they have grown very close, which has made Katrina's departure that much sadder for our family!

Katrina is a good friend.  She is loving and kind, as well as a lot of fun!

She loves to play games and even tolerates math pretty well.

She is an Auntie to a delightful little boy, Eliott,  as well as a recently born niece, Tessa.

Here she is with her family.

She and T-Bob are bestie cousins.

This summer, Katrina was here to help T-Bob celebrate his 13th birthday.  We, unfortunately, were too far away to celebrate Katrina's 13th birthday with her.  

T-Bob and Katrina, the day they left to return to the Philippines.

We love you Katrina and hope you have an amazing year as a 13 year old!  
We know  we are late with these greetings, but we want you to know that they are no less heart felt.
The Mangos

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