Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The House gets an Update

My DH has been putting in very long hours getting our house ready to sell.  Another friend has been working alongside him.  My DH has been putting in 12-14 hour days.  But they are getting so much accomplished! Paul has been working with them also.  Here is where they are in the process...

We are quickly removing the Mango stamp from the house.  Those are the quirky things that make it feel like home to us, but wouldn't be terribly attractive to most 'normal' people.  We have removed the vegetable gardens from the front yard and have planted grass their instead.  After all the gardening we had done there, the first things to spring up in the bare patch were peas and melon vines.  The deer speedily removed those.

The living room is only getting a touch up.  The crown has been repainted and the couple places where the plaster had issues is being repaired.

My project for today was to finish emptying the last book shelf. They are in the third floor guest room.  Everything else has been emptied an removed!  That has been a lot of books to pack up and then either unpack or put in storage or donation.

My DH has been putting crown everywhere, even in some of the bedroom closets.  They have all been drywalled and are ready for their coat of paint.  Our friend, Tom, who is helping, has a sprayer, so the painting goes super fast.

This is what the family room now looks like....naked!  If you remember another Mangoism was the walls ALL being covered in floor to ceiling bookshelves.  They have all been removed and now reside at the farm.

We have taken all the wooden shelf units out of the closets in the family room.  It looks so much bigger now!  Hopefully, someone will fall in love with all the space and want to buy it at our price!

The kid's old bedrooms are all getting new walls and crown molding.  This is the boy's old room.

And this is the girl's.

Here is our old room.  It is a little hard to let it go.  Three of our children were born in this room.  So much joy!  The real estate agent said to paint all the trim white so the beautiful oak trim is now under a coat of paint.  The more it changes the easier it is to let it go.  Plus, I am so happy at the farm!  We have not started on the kitchen yet, a really big project, or the third floor.  The basement will need some touch up too.  So much to get done!  Tom is available to help us until Thanksgiving, then we are on our own.  It is good to really push while we have the help!

I love the farm.  It is so peaceful!

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