Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morning Scenes at the Farm

This morning there was once again a large heron getting his breakfast at our pond.  Michelle ran out with the camera and took these pictures.

As she got closer it flew away.

It went out over the fields.  Probably to somewhere where there were less curious photographers.

Michelle called this her 'zebra water' picture.  The pond is so enthralling as it reflects the seasons and whatever is going on around it.   We took Dallas the dog out to visit the farm.  One of the first things  he did was to run out to the pond and try to go swimming. Paul called him back before he got all the way in.  It was really cold out. Only a little above freezing.  He is a lab alright!  He didn't seem to be bothered by the cold or the wet.

  Dallas was outside this morning when he went nuts at a little wood pile.  He tore it apart trying to get the little critter hiding in there.  The mouse ran up the corner where the siding came together.  We really need to teach our dog how to re-stack the wood piles!!

As I was looking to see what had Dallas so worked up  I glanced up at the window and saw Elizabeth also watching.  I thought it was so pretty to see the reflection of the leaves and her face superimposed.  It is such a beautiful time of the year!

There are still some bugs out and about despite the fact that we had a freeze.  I'm sure that won't be true for long!

I decided that you all would rather see the pictures from nature, rather than pictures of piles of boxes and me unpacking them.  Things are coming together well.  I am filling up the bookshelves and setting up our bedroom.  Everyone else is working on theirs.  As soon as the flooring is in, I can finish unloading the boxes for my office.  I will take pictures at the house as we get things set up.

Thank-you for following our journey!  I would love for someone to id the type of heron at our pond, or the bug in the picture.  I might even come up with a prize for the first person to do so!

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  1. That is a Stink Bug, and if you would have squished him, you would have immediately understood the name. P-U!