Friday, November 8, 2013

Farm Life

 This afternoon we saw the Boss Cat attacking something in the grass.  We watched a minute or two and realized it was a snake.  She soon gave up and went away.  We went out to see what was happening.  Apparently the snake defended himself admirably.

We picked him up on a stick and he was checking out the environment with his tongue.  He was very handsome... for a snake.

Farm life is suiting the girls well.  Everyone spends so much more time outside, which was one of my aspirations.

Critters play a lot bigger role in our life also.  It's not just Dallas anymore.

We now own four cats.  They came with the farm.

T-Bob is becoming an expert at  lawn mowing.

The Autumnal sky is gray today.  We had occasional showers.  The sky was broiling at times.

Paul has been busy keeping the equipment running, setting up his shop, and getting to the projects my DH doesn't have time for.  He is a real blessing!

This is the Boss Cat.  He loves to tease Dallas.  He sits just outside of Dallas's reach and looks at him.  He thinks he owns this farm.

One of T-Bob's 'crop circles'.  He likes to see how close he can go without touching them.

Enjoy a blessed day!

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