Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This blog is written especially for my family.  They want to see the children and keep up with their activities.  Occasionally, a post will have less than universal appeal.  This post is dedicated to my nephew Joshua, who played on this basketball team last year when he was in the States.  I will be providing him updates and pictures.  He is one of two people who asked me to resume blogging and so this is for him!  You all are welcome to read it too!

T-Bob wasn't a starter but he did get to play quite a bit.  This was his first real game experience!  He is number 2, so he tries harder.  (For all you youngsters out there, there was once an Avis Car Rental commercial that had the slogan "We're Number two, so we try harder!")

Chase likes to drive with he ball, but he is still height challenged.

Team during a time out.  They miss you Josh.  Trevor is now the tallest player and he is only about 5' 9".

Mindy is the team videographer.  She uses her iPhone to catch the game action.

Here is T-Bob booking back to get ready to play offense.

Trevor spent a lot of the time at the foul line.  He got fouled a lot.  He played hard, despite a very sore ankle.  He rolled it in practice yesterday.  Since this was a scrimmage, they played three 10 minute 'games'.  I lost track of the scores but they were close.  I don't think they one any of them.  It was still close enough to be entertaining,    The CCS varsity blew out the other team so badly, that is wasn't even fun to watch.  One of the 'games' was  18-2 at one point.  The varsity has a really good team. Apparently they have done some recruiting,  The guys varsity team has a woman coach.  I hadn't seen that before.  T-Bob went off with my DH after the game to go work on the house.  No rest for the weary!  My DH is pushing hard to get the other house ready to sell.

Zac is looking good.  He gave himself a haircut.  It makes him look a lot like his brother Luke.  He is playing varsity ball this year.

This is the 'Moocher-in-Chief'.  Dear Logan has never met a scam he won't try and run.  In the past he would go around looking cute and try and get people to give him some of their snacks or money, and he still does that.  Now he has a baby sister.  He has a new angle.  He takes the baby and then he offers to let people hold her if they give him money or food!  It worked well for him!  What a guy!  He is funny!

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