Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Elizabeth!

Today our youngest turns 9 years old.  It is hard to believe that she is growing up so quickly.
Enjoy some memories with me! Incidentally, the computer put the pictures in randomly, rather than chronologically.

Elizabeth has a great relationship with all her brothers.  She likes to gently tease and they take good care of her.

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007
We have a family tradition of taking a picture of all the children before Christmas to put in the Christmas letter.

Elizabeth loves babies!  She finds any that are around and holds them.  They seem to enjoy being held by her too!

Elizabeth is an active young girl and loves adventure with the older children.    

Four years ago, our family discovered speech and debate.  After watching at our first tournament, Elizabeth decided that she wanted to participate also.  She has done speech every year since then.

Elizabeth takes good care of the local animals. She is currently on cat feeding duty and she gathers the chicken eggs and locks them up for the night.

She likes to play in the mud.  She is about 4 here, but I still find her playing in the dirt frequently.

Elizabeth is an amazing cook.  She started when she was very young. Now she bakes and cooks like a champ.

Elizabeth was included in her first kickball game when she was four months.  We put the kids to work young! (PS This picture was staged!  We really don't give three year olds hatchets!)

She does like to dress up and be a girlie girl.

She and Paul have a special bond.  She is his work partner.  He has taught her how to solder and many other practical skills.

I really enjoy spending time with her!

Here was the Autumn birthday party from last year.  We sure miss my sister's family at gatherings.  They now live in the Philippines.

We went down to the lake and experienced Hurricane Sandy.  Elizabeth found this to be a memorable moment.  It was SOOO windy!

She has become a real farm girl already!

She still has her goofy little girl moments that we all enjoy!

Elizabeth and T-Bob

Elizabeth and her dear Daddy
Elizabeth is blessed to grow up with lots of brothers and sisters  and a Dad and Mom who love her very much!

The Girl Cousins.
What a blessing to have family!

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