Thursday, November 14, 2013

First 'Real Snow'

What is a 'real snow'?  Well my northerner definition is a snow that sticks around for at least 48 hours or is at least 3" deep.  This was  a 'real snow' by the first definition.

This was an unusually late first 'real snow' and was combined with a very late autumn.  One doesn't usually see snow on the ground with the leaves still on the trees!

But it sure was pretty!

I don't remember seeing a snow this early in the fall which actually accumulated like this one.  There were leaves that fell on top of the snow

and leaves under the snow.

The snow started coming down on Monday evening and we woke up Tuesday to the ground being covered. The snow fell off and on throughout the day. It was a really peaceful, beautiful day.  It was especially nice as our whole family was home and we enjoyed working together and getting a lot done around the house.

The barn looked pretty outlined with snow.

The critters tolerated the snow well.  Dallas did a lot of running and barking.  We saw a large buck and three does in the backyard.  He is always pointing out the wayfaring wild creatures that are wandering through our property.  We let him in to the house early to sleep.  His dog house has now been moved to the farm.  It is feeling more and more like home.

The chicken critters stayed in the run-in and didn't go out in the snow much.  They seem very  content in their new quarters.

Today, is my nephew, Joshua's 15th birthday.  I wanted to do a birthday post for him, but my big computer is not online yet.  We love you and miss you Joshua!  Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Your farm looks so inviting!! Love these pics.... I too took one of a tree with lots of leaves on and snow all around =) So pretty, and unusual.