Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Lumberjack Day

Yesterday was a lumberjack kind of day.  We took down lots of trees and cut them up and disposed of them.  The guys left the area looking very nice.  Yeah!

 We finished getting rid of the tree line closest to the house, and thinned the pines in the middle tree line.

There was lots of work for everyone!

The guys filled the trailer with brush and I drove the trailer back to the brush pile in the back.  I learned to drive the ATV yesterday!  By noon, I was quite proficient. We are borrowing my Dad's ATV.  Dad,  you can rest easy.  The ATV is still intact and none the worse for the use.

A lot of the pine brush was carried to the fire pit to be burned up.  This was a HOT job.  We did dispose of the brush of two pines that way.

Some bigger trees also had to come down.

Elizabeth rode along with me and was my trailer dumper and relocker.  She would lift the back of the trailer and dump out the load.  She is getting stronger every day.

The office got a little work done on it.  My DH ran the wires for the outlets and lights.  E Paul helped install insulation in the walls for sound proofing (Dr. Patient confidentiality and all that).

T-Bob and his friend worked hard digging holes for me for future trees when they weren't loading brush.

Mary and JoAn worked hard at painting the walls in the cold cellar.

By the end of the day the fire pit was FULL of ashes!!

We met our neighbor to the south yesterday.  He came over with his tractor and wanted to help.  He put all the big chunks of wood in his front end loader and carried them to the back by the fire pit.  He also pulled the big logs over and piled them up.  That saved a lot of work.  He also wanted to make sure it was OK that he kills the weeds on our property line.  No problem.  Sure, go ahead!

These are the three hardworking young men who came up to help us on our project.  Thanks guys!!

In the evening, we hiked to the back of the property.  We were pleased to find that the road along the back of the field is our property.  That made the going a lot easier for most of the way.  In the back you have to hack your way through the underbrush.

We had a fun evening hanging out and exploring!  Another wonderful day!

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