Thursday, September 5, 2013

WAITING is Hard!

Looking from the farm towards the back of the barn and shop
We are still waiting.  Everyday, the loan officer says that the loan will probably come through in the morning.  So far nothing.  They haven't asked for any new papers since Monday.  They keep reassuring us that everything is fine.  It will happen SOON.  But then all our 'friends' feels compelled to tell us their horror stories... like about the loan that was rejected at the last minute because the house was in two different counties. ( I checked, that doesn't apply here! :-)  ).  The loan that took 4 months to be approved because of questions re the wife's employment - the loan was based entirely on the husband's job and income.  In other words, loan officer's aren't necessarily playing by the same rules and logic that the rest of us do.  They have to deal with all the federal regulations and whatever.

Things weren't this complicated the last time we bought a house or even for the different refinancing we did.  This would not be a problem even still, but the seller put in a 25 day limit on the contract and that runs out next Tuesday..  The bank said this wouldn't be a problem, but as the time draws closer the the pressure increases. We also have a certain child who feels compelled to ask us TEN times a day if we have heard anything and whether we are getting worried yet and what we will do if the deal falls through and what we think the seller will do if we go past the deadline and what is the percentage likelihood that we will get it passed tomorrow and how much will the percentage increase for the following day and etc, etc, etc.  I am not sure if he is all that stressed about it or if he simply likes to push everyone's buttons and try and get them stressed.

Fortunately, we know who is ultimately in control.   He has promised us peace in the midst of any storm.  We are resting in God.

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  1. My favorite waiting quotation. Praying for you!

    [Waiting, Ben Patterson]

    Patience and perseverance are secondary to what is really needed to wait with grace. More basic than these are humility and hope. These two are the attitudes, the visions of life, that make patience possible. Patience is a rare and lovely flower that grows only in the soil of humility and hope.

    Humility makes patience possible because it shows us our proper place in the universe. God is God, we are His creatures; He is the King, we are His subjects; He is master, we are His servants. We have no demands to make, no rights to assert. I can be impatient only if I think that whatever it is I want is being withheld or delayed unfairly. Chuck Swindoll says, “God is not in your appointment book; you’re in His.” God is superior to us in every conceivable way—in power and love and wisdom. To know that is to be patient.

    Hope makes patience possible because it gives us the confidence that our wait is not in vain. It results in the knowledge that, in the delays of life, God knows exactly what He is doing. No matter how things look to us, God is the complete master of the situation.

    What we become as we wait is at least as important as the thing we wait for. To wait in hope is not just to pass the time until the wait is over. It is to see the time passing as part of the process God is using to make us into the people He created us to be.