Saturday, September 7, 2013

Keeping Busy While You Wait

 First, a confession.  I have not been doing a good job of taking pictures lately.  Therefore the photos in this post are merely representative of what has been going on!

We are working on cleaning up  the backyard which includes splitting wood, stacking and getting some ready to sell.  We won't need ALL this wood as we won't be using it to heat with.  There is only one wood-burning fireplace.  If anyone local needs firewood, give us a call, we'll be happy to deliver it for you.  It is all oak and maple.

 Today, Michelle got up early to bake pies for a local contest.   She was tired and discouraged when she didn't win.  They looked great and I am sure tasted delicious.  They were all GF.  Congratulations to our friend Joanne B for winning 2nd prize!

 We are busy sorting and discarding.  Large art projects, such as this are being photographed and discarded.  Elizabeth painted this window about a year ago.  We just don't have space to store everything in the new house.  Downsizing is a lot of work and is very stressful to my slow decision making brain, but in the end it will be freeing.

 Why this photo?  Because this weekend Paul is away at a christian camp helping to run the upper ropes courses and zip line for a group renting the facility.

 If our guests from last night see this.... don't be offended.  This picture represents hospitality.  We have been having company lately.  Last night we had some dear friends over to dinner.  They brought their 8 children who still live at home.  The 'children' (aka teenagers and young adults) had such a good time playing 'ultimate frisbee' and other games in the back field.  I was really proud of the children.  They all participated in making the meal.  T-Bob made the chili, JoAn made the pasta, corn on the cob, cornbread and salad, and Thomas made the apple crisp for desert.  It was such a pleasant evening.

 JoAn has been busy studying for her tax course.  I am really working to get all the school stuff organized and ready to go.  With all the delays I have to start school whether we are in the middle of moving or not.  Otherwise, school won't start until Thanksgiving.  The children haven't been too disappointed in having a later start, but it is time to get going!

One of our projects for today is to get the garden weeded and the plants that are finished cleared out.  I am still sorting and discarding clothes.  I need to get our homeschool notification in Monday, which means I need to fill in my list of proposed curriculum.  I think I will work on that during the OSU Buckeyes game.  Tomorrow is Grandparents Day!  Need to work on getting Sunday dinner prepped for tomorrow.  At least I know what I am going to make.  That is always the hardest part of the battle.

OK,  I am done talking about it and I am heading off to get it done.  Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

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