Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister!!!

Happy Birthday Sister!  I am sorry we won't get to spend time together to celebrate.  I thought about putting together a photo blog with one picture for each year, like I did for Heidi, but I realized that it would be WAY too long with forty-some pictures!

We did have a lot of good times growing up.  


Being silly

The only two girls in a neighborhood of boys!!

We were blessed to have parents that loved God first, then each other and gave us children the security of a loving home!

We had so many matching or coordinating Christmas presents.  I had the pink robe that year and you got the blue.

Then there was our year together at college.  Remember the good laugh we had together when one of our schoolmates only realized that we were sisters the last couple weeks of school. She only thought we were good friends.  Haha, right, with the same last name!!  

Well, the silliness has not completely disappeared.  After being neighbors for 17 years, we have both moved on.  My family to a farm,  yours to the other side of the globe.  We sure do miss you!

 We will always treasure our last year together as neighbors.  The cousins renewing their relationships.  It makes us grateful for Skype and other electronic ways of keeping in touch.

 I hope you had a wonderful day!  Enjoying your family and whatever else you chose to do to celebrate.  We are praying for you sister and for your family.

Heidi,  that big hug I asked your Mom to give you for your birthday, this would be an awesome time to return it!  Love you guys!

P.S. your birthday present is on its way in a BIG box!  (It has encountered a long layover at Mom and Dad's house) Enjoy it when it arrives!!!

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