Friday, September 6, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait Some More

Sunset over the rear of the property
Today we finally heard back from the Loan Officer.  Guess what?   They want MORE paperwork.  What a shock?  What a surprise?!!! Well we are working on getting that all done and should be in their paper grubbing hands by Monday morning.  Then they say that the loan should be kicked out into the 'done processing ready to close' pile.  Then the bank will take about 48 hours getting their stuff together and then maybe by the end of next week we can finally close.

In talking to the loan officer we found out that all this extra paper work is for the Fannie Mae people.  Yes, the federal government is the one taking so long and wanting lots of copies of things that makes no logical sense.  We have had to document where every bit of money that we deposited in August came from.  "We worked and people paid us" doesn't carry much weight with them.  They wanted copies of checks.  We had to have our accountant certify that the money we took out of my DH business account was not going to bankrupt the business.  The list goes on.  It certainly wasn't near this complicated in the past!!   The scariest thing about it, is that this is the same federal government that wants to run healthcare!  I can just see all the forms we will be filling out explaining exactly how ill we are and how we managed to get sick and what exactly our job has to do with the illness and what we have done to treat this at home previous to coming in and why we waited so long to come in and why we don't just go home and see if it clears up on it's own.  Welcome to the New American Government!

In the meantime we wait to hear what they will want next or if they can agree to finally ok this.  All this has happened AFTER our loan was officially approved by the bank and AFTER we were pre-approved by the bank.  The appraisal did come in just fine.  Well, at least we know now that they are working on it.

We are peacefully waiting again.

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