Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthday Ode to Heidi

 Happy Birthday Dear Heidi, Happy Birthday to you!  We were so glad we were able to have you here last year to celebrate your birthday with us and the other birthday people.  Congratulations on completing 17 years!

We all wish that we could give you a great BIG birthday hug!  To be with you as you celebrate!  I hope your Mom gave you a hug from all of us!  (She gives good hugs!) Skype just isn't the same!

I remember the day you were born.  I was there.  You were a sweetie.  Omi is holding you in this picture.

You had such blonde hair and big blue eyes.

You hung out with your cousins a lot!  You photobombed a lot of the Meng family kid shots.  We didn't mind.

We liked having you around.  We can't wait for you to come visit us at the new place!

You and Thomas looked so cute together at Aunt Anita and Uncle Nathan's wedding!

As you have gotten older you have become such a people person!

You have done a good job keeping your old friends as you have made new ones.  That is a wonderful skill.

Enjoying each day that God has blessed you with.

We have enjoyed seeing you grow physically and spiritually!

Becoming the beautiful young lady that you are today!

We are so glad that you got to spend the last year with us.  We will always have special memories of the Christmas 'Girl's night out'  Your Mom did such a nice job coordinating and hostessing it.

Then there was the English Country Ball.  Such a nice way to spend time with the cousins!

Selfie with your sister!  Family gatherings just aren't the same without you and your family here.

We love you Heidi and we pray for you!  Hope your day was really special!

This ends my photo documentation of your life.  One photo for each year!  Blessings!  The Mangos


  1. Oh, so sweet! What a fun photo montage!! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Very nice! I have not ever seen a cuter flower girl! :-)