Thursday, September 19, 2013

Work Day at the Farm

 I am really tired tonight.  I feel like the guy who's face is on this tree!  The four youngest children and I went to spend the day at the farm working.  We had quite a list.  We got a lot done, but there sure is a lot left to do.

 Our first project was to carry all the boxes we had brought over the other night up to the third floor.  We formed an assembly line and the things were moved along pretty quickly.  The next job was to carry out the rolls of carpeting.  This carpeting was so tough that the boss had to use a saw to cut it up. It took all five of us to move the rolls into the family room.

The boys and I then began the arduous job of prying up tack strips and removing the padding.  The padding was stapled down into the oak flooring.  Trying to pull old fragile staples out of oak planking is a real chore.  The staples kept breaking as we pried and then you have to pull the little edge pieces out separately.  There was a certain satisfaction in getting each one out, but it was not easy.

Here is a picture of what it looks like after the carpeting is up and the staples are pulled.  One of my DH clients is a floor finisher, and he is coming this weekend to sand and finish it for us. Yippee!  That's why this job was a high priority.

 While the boys and I worked in the house, the girls cleaned up a big mess of broken glass in the top of the barn, and started to work on more cleaning in the office to be.

They swept and vacuumed it out again and then finished it up with some more pressure washing.

T-Bob took a little break to work on his frisbee skills.

They then pressure washed the sidewalk in front of the office and cleaned some rugs.  Thomas was being his usual 'helpful' self.

The girls then proceeded to clean out all the junk in the old milk house.  They found all kinds of buckets and animal paraphernalia.  It is an old fashioned milk house.  There is a deep tank to the right where they would have cooled the milk cans.  Not sure what we will do with this space.

The children got their air rifle out and did a little target shooting. They had a blast (LOL) doing it.  Even Elizabeth shot a pretty tight cluster. We ended the day with homemade GF chicken pesto pizza and pepperoni pizza.  Very yummy!

This is the king of the farm.  He is the Tomcat! We now own four cats.  They came with the farm.  3 live in the barn and one in the shop.  The one in the shop needs to go!  The others can stay around and keep the mouse population down.  They are excellent at it.

It was a good day.  There was lots we didn't get to, that was on the list, but it feels good when you can see what you have accomplished.

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