Monday, September 16, 2013

Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!!

  • The upstairs of the barn.  Hay barns are supposed to have gaps between the boards to let in air and light.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow, you're only a day away!

Tomorrow is the day sign the papers,we get the keys (hopefully) and figure out exactly what work we need to do at the farm  before we move in!  I am getting all my lists together.  What projects to do first, Which people have volunteered to help, Meal planning for the next three weeks, What things to move first, What to pack and sort next. We will start moving things starting tomorrow every trip we go over there.  I think we will have a book packing day as well.  Any volunteers?

I am also continuing on with my daily life... laundry, seeing patients, and household management.

Life is kicking it up a notch or two.  So many decisions... What kind of containment system to keep the dog contained yet not confined.  Where to plant gardens, where to plant the orchard and where will we put the chicken coop?

We also need to start working on fixing up the house and yard here.  Time to tear out some of the beds and plant grass.  Chances are that no one else will be as excited about gardening in the front yard as I am.

If you think of it pray for us.  That this would be a smooth transition, that family relationships would not be strained, that we would work together well and efficiently.  Also that things would close smoothly tomorrow and that we would get the keys with minimal stress.  That we would have wisdom to make all the decisions we need to make and often have little data to base them on!


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  1. congratulations! I was out by your place lately and thought of stopping in and saying hello. Now I know no more Mango's at the white farmhouse. What an exciting adventure for you all. Denise