Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Afternoon at the Farm

It was a cloudy autumnal afternoon and we decided to head out to the farm for some rest and relaxation.  My Sister-in-law, Mary is visiting and she loves to fish.  We gathered the poles from the garage and headed out to find what was hiding in our pond.

The poles were gotten out, the hooks baited,

The lines wetted, and...

and  Voila, the fish started biting.

Lots of new skills were learned.  How to put a worm on a hook, what fish felt like, and how to watch the bobber for when a fish was biting.

Our cat wasn't sure about the fish.  I guess all those cartoons from my childhood mislead me about how cats feel about fish.

Michelle was the first 'kid' who caught a fish. 

 Elizabeth was second.  Doesn't it look huge?

 But this one was the BIG one.

It was an 18" large mouth bass.  We didn't weigh it though.

It certainly had a BIG mouth!  There were two other bass we hooked but didn't manage to land.  They were only slightly smaller.  We put them all back.  More fun fishing for next time!

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