Sunday, September 29, 2013


I didn't make it to the farm yesterday.  I was busy with projects here at the house.  I know a lot got done, but I don't have pictures.  Those updates will have to happen later.

The one thing we have noticed is how peaceful things are at the farm.  We are working hard, but it is not stressful work.  We are on a pretty busy road, but the noise doesn't seem to make it on to the property.

The fields are quiet and the sunsets are beautiful!  We realized how big the field is when we walked around it.

 The fire pit is so calming and convenient.  Whether to cook on it or just to relax and watch the flames and listen to the frogs.

The farm will be perfect for nature classes.  Lots of critters and plants that we need to learn about.

The first critters we brought over were some young chickens, Buddy and Sissy.  It is nice to have friends come over to visit and help us work to get the farm ready for us to move into.  We were able to have two workdays this week.  That was so helpful!

The farm is so peaceful that even Thomas is able to kick back and chill!

 This cart has been so handy.  It was left here for us by the previous owner.  We have used it a lot!!

Most days have ended up by the pond, whether to fish or watch the fire. The sky is dark and clear and the stars truly shine. We love looking up into the night sky. I can't wait to bring out the telescope and really learn the constellations and planets!  We thank God for His goodness to us in providing this place for us to live.

Psalm 36:5

 Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

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