Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BIG Work Day!

 Yesterday, we had a big workday at the farm!  Some friends of ours came up and we all worked hard.  My Sister-in-law is here for the week.  Here she is cleaning up a bunch of spilled water.  Using the 'skating' method.

There was a lot of work done at the shop.  The office was given a lot of preparation.  The walls were scrubbed.

The tiles removed.

Then it became a wallpaper kind of day.  We were just going to wash the wallpaper in the family room.  But, when we started washing it, it had a fiber in it, and it simply turned a yucky gray.  Plan B time!  We needed to remove the wallpaper, but alas the the backing stuck to the wall.  So the three ladies went to town wetting and scraping the backing off the wall.  So much fun! NOT!!  The fellowship was good though.

The back wall of the family room is 11 ft. so we got to spend a lot of time on ladders.  

The girl's room had to have the wallpaper stripped also.

It was a team effort!

Meanwhile,  the office was getting the walls up.

My DH had a good helper.

The other guys were busy cutting down trees

and hauling brush.

The walls were all put up in the office.

The boys stripped the wallpaper from their walls also.   They decided they wanted something different than little pink flowers.

T-Bob went at it "like a boss"!

DH got a window put in the office also.  Earl, our neighbor, even found matching siding for the office in his barn and he gave it to us!  God is so good!

We ended the day burning brush and having a bonfire out by the pond.  I was so pleased to get so much work done!  Now onto the painting and other projects!

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